Coach Resources

Week 1 Coach Guide

Origin Stories

The first challenge series is focused on encouraging our students to tell their story.

During the session – Ideate hero profile, try an art method, story ideas
Before the next session – Get your kids to do a hero profile

OutlineLesson 1A
If you could have any superpower, what would it be and why?

Brainstorm: Think back to your best group experience
– What makes a great group experience great?

Monthly Goal: Publish a comic book together
Review Weekly MF Events
What is a hero? What do we need to make a hero?

Group Discussion

Submitting an artifact
Make a hero in
– powers
– weaknesses
– 2-line origin

Show T comic book

Make a hero for use in our comic book and bring it to next meeting
During the session – Share profiles/feedback + Demo comic book page
Before the next session – Get your kids to make a comic book page
OutlineLesson 1B
Share your new hero and use emoticons to encourage your clubmates
Coach Review: Team Spirit
Review Weekly MF Events
What do we need to write a story?
What does a story have?

Story Outline Discussion
What is your comic book page story?
– What problem does your hero have?
– How might your hero solve their problem?
Make a comic book panel/page
– origin of your hero
Making a comic book page with layers
Have 1-2 students share their screen and work
Make a full comic page about the origin of your superhero