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Mind Foundry Online Coach Guide

Mind Foundry’s Players (students) are grouped into Clubs. Club members work together alongside their coaches, teachers, and mentors to earn points that can be redeemed for rewards and recognition. Players and coaches complete challenges by submitting artifacts through the Mind Foundry Online Portal. There are two main types of challenges:

  • Club Challenge: Difficult challenges your whole class will have to work together to accomplish.
  • Solo Challenge: A solo challenge is completed independently by a player. Students can submit their solo challenges by making an account on

Mind Foundry provides challenge series lesson plans to help you complete the challenges alongside your class. Click here for the first challenge series lesson guide.

League Events

League Events take place online on the Mind Foundry Twitch Channel. Students can signup for tournaments or participants on each of the following league pages. These are also found in the top menu of the website.

Coaching Support: For teachers and coaches only. Weekly Coach Meeting on Mondays @ 5pm Central in the staff channel in discord. Find help there any time.

Challenge Series Lesson Plans

  1. Club Origins. Challenge series one is about building your kids and clubs up into the powerful and talented group you are destined to be. In this challenge series your students will create their own super heroes, showing them off online and creating a class comic book. You can make your own editable edition of the program guide by clicking here.

“Which program should I use?”

With so many digital creation platforms, there are no standard programs anymore. This will be a journey of discovery for Mind Foundry coaches as well as students.

When working on a challenge, the right program will be the program that supports the student voice and empowers them to continue even after the challenge is complete. Let them make decisions for themselves, and guide them in how they want to complete their challenge.

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