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Mind Foundry clubs offer the best STEAM learning. Our passionate coaches provide highly interactive opportunities for your child to find their spark and learn vital collaborative skills.

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Mind Foundry clubs engage, build future-proof skills, and instill a lifelong commitment to curiosity and learning. They might even make a few lifelong friends to go along with a lifelong love of learning.

Best of all, Mind Foundry clubs are available to any child, anywhere.

Fall 2020 Challenges

Club Heroes Origin Story

Heroes abound. In the 2020 first fall challenge series club members will redefine themselves as heroes and innovators. Each month we release a new set of learning challenges designed to teach our kids valuable skills. Each challenge is carefully crafted by our in-house educators with the goal to engage and educate kids to code, draw, analyze, write, read, and a thousand other skills. But, most importantly, kids learn these skills through collaboration, problem solving, and resilience. The club succeeds when all their clubmates succeed.

Group Challenge: Club Members, Assemble: Make an origin story comic book for your club, and found your own organization to do good for the world!

Web Challenge: Club Hero Profiles.

Solo Challenges:

  • Club dance video
  • Hero origins animation
  • Hero Design

Neighborhood Redesign Project

Re-imagine your neighborhood and make it your ideal community. This is the second fall challenge series, opening on October 15th and closing on November 18th.

Mission to Mars

Work with your teammates to prepare an incredible and futuristic mission to the red planet. This is the final fall challenge series, opening on November 15th and closing on December 18th.

Whats included?

  • Create incredible projects with the other players in your club.
  • Compete against other clubs in creative and competitive challenge.
  • Learn from the best – eSports Pros, DJs, and Website designers work with our students to create their best works.
  • More than 100 hours of live events throughout the season
  • The empowering and inspiring learning experience your child needs
  • Enrollment open for Grades 3-12