League Events


Sundays @ 3 Eastern / 2 Central / 12 Pacific

Mind Foundry Plays Fortnite

Join us Sundays for a Fortnite Mind Foundry mini-tournament

Series 1 Championship tournament is October 18th

The Game

Fortnite: a game that requires poise, strategy and supreme hand-eye coordination. As a “Battle Royale” style game, dozens of players are dropped into a zone and compete to be the last one – or team – standing.

Show your determination and team spirit by taking part in Mind Foundry’s Fortnite League Event and make some new friends as you continue your quest for the top.


  • Teamwork: Leveling up is going to take practice, teamwork, heart.
  • Reflection: Think about what you did and what you could do next time.
  • Patience: No one becomes the best overnight.

Solo Challenges