League Events


Sundays @ 3 Eastern / 2 Central / 12 Pacific

The Game

Fortnite: a game that requires poise, strategy and supreme hand-eye coordination. As a “Battle Royale” style game, dozens of players are dropped into a zone and compete to be the last one – or team – standing.

Show your determination and team spirit by taking part in Mind Foundry’s Fortnite League Event and make some new friends as you continue your quest for the top.

Mind Foundry Plays Fortnite

Join us Sundays for a Fortnite Mind Foundry mini-tournament

Series 1 exhibition is October 11th

Mind Foundry provides enrichment programs for students age 7-17.

If you are above that age, you are ineligible to participate in the Rocket League Season and Tournament.


  • Teamwork: Leveling up is going to take practice, teamwork, heart.
  • Reflection: Think about what you did and what you could do next time.
  • Patience: No one becomes the best overnight.

Solo Challenges