Fall 2020 Season

Fall Themes

First Challenge Series: Club Origins
September – October 2020

Find the hero within yourself and found your club in the name of truth and justice. Show your club spirit and begin your journey from Mind Foundry Apprentice to Mind Foundry Leader. Make a comic book, show off your dancing skills, play Rocket League, and more.

Club Challenge

Club Origins

Clubs work together to design their superhero persona and make a comic book of their own league of do-gooders.

Member Challenges

Club Dance Challenge
Create your proposal for a club dance, and challenge your clubmates.

Hero Profile Challenge
Discover your alter-ego and design your super powers.

Hero Origins Animation
Learn to make a simple animation in Scratch with your hero.

eSports Challenge

Rocket League

Challenge your friends to Rocket League matches, run club and league tournaments, and score your way to the top.

Second Challenge Series: Neighborhood Redesign

What we do today affects tomorrow; how can you imagine a neighborhood that incorporates all the cool stuff you know and love? Someday your neighborhood could look very different…

Club Challenge

Future Neighborhood Animated Series

That’s right: learn to make animations on Scratch. Work together to make an episode and a series of stories in your imagined future neighborhood.

Member Challenges

Neighborhood Concept Book
What does a neighborhood of the future look like?

Clubhouse Design Gallery
Design your ideal clubhouse

Neighborhood Video Review
What’s great, and what’s not-too-late to make great in your neighborhood?

eSports Challenge

Roblox Level Design

Design levels for various games in Roblox and begin your journey as a game designer.

Final Challenge Series: Mission to Mars

Plan the mission to Mars that you could one day even carry out. The goal is simple: devise a plan clever enough to live on the harsh Martian surface. Someday you might even find yourself there to try it out!

Club Challenge

Surviving Mars Project Plan

How will you survive Mars? It’s up to you to work with your team to understand the challenges and come up with your own unique solutions.

Member Challenges

Martian Fiction
Create a story or book of stories about life on Mars. Publish your book with other members of your club.

Space Music
Learn about math, modulation, and logical sequencing through the lens of music and beats.

Martian Scratch Game
Learn to make a simple interactive experience on Scratch.

eSports Challenge

Club Choice of eSports Competition

That’s right, as a club you decide what your eSport game is. Do you choose a city builder, like Micropolis? Or do you prefer a MOBA? Soccer games are easy to run. Whatever it is, it must be accessible to your whole club.


Club Standings

Coming soon (October 2020)

Player Standings

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Coming soon (October 2020)