Challenge Series

Club Origins

Start your journey like a real hero. Assemble with new teammates to tackle the greatest challenge of them all.

Comic Book Club Challenge

Begins September 21st

Invent a new superhero, with new powers that stands for the things you care about. Write a collaborative comic book with your club and come together like never before.

Redefine yourselves as heroes and innovators, and found an organization to do good for the world. Make an origin story comic book for your club, and join the first Mind Foundry challenge series for 2020!

Tell your club’s story in comic book form. Attend your club meeting to participate in this challenge.


Work together with your club to make a comic book.


  • Writing and Composition
  • Character Design
  • Collaboration and Teamwork

Club Website Challenge

Design and upload your superhero to the club website. Your hero’s powers, weaknesses, and origin story are up to you. What do YOU stand for?

To show off the work you accomplish, make a page on your club website and include your hero profile. Add to your club’s unique lineup with your one-of-a-kind imagination.


Create a club website to show off your club and share your projects with other players.


  • Web Design
  • Character Design
  • Sharing Digital Spaces

Member Challenges